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Why use Global Sourcing Resources

Knowledge & Experience

  • Professionals at GSR have over 23 years of knowledge and experience in global sourcing in addition to expertise in Manufacturing, Logistics, Supply Chain, and Project Management.
  • Professional working relationships built on years of mutual trust with World Class suppliers is already built.

Proven Supply Base

  • A well established, low cost, high performance and reliable supplier base is immediately available.
  • The suppliers have gone through qualification and development for major Fortune 500 manufacturing corporations.

Global Sourcing Resources Makes It Easy

  • GSR can bridge the language and cultural barriers for a seamless transition.
  • Local North American presence facilitates customer visits on short notice.
  • Access to the highest level at suppliers insures rapid issue resolution.

Global Sourcing Resources Is Effective & Efficient

  • The entire process of achieving cost savings is significantly faster than can be obtained by outsourcing internally.
  • Implementation is far more cost effective than doing it alone.

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